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FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - A New Paradigm: Acquiring Global Franchise Group

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

FAT Brands Inc. (FAT)
A New Paradigm: Acquiring Global Franchise Group

FAT Brands Inc is a multi-brand restaurant franchising company. It develops, markets, and acquires predominantly fast casual restaurant concepts. The company provides turkey burgers, chicken Sandwiches, chicken tenders, burgers, ribs, wrap sandwiches, and others. Its brand portfolio comprises Fatburger, Buffalo's Cafe and Express, and Ponderosa and Bonanza. The company's overall footprint covers nearly 32 countries. Fatburger generates maximum revenue for the company.

Joe Gomes, Senior Research Analyst, Noble Capital Markets, Inc.

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    Acquisition. Yesterday, FAT Brands announced the acquisition of Global Franchise Group for $442.5 million in cash and stock. With the acquisition, FAT Brands will have more than 2,000 franchised and company-owned restaurants around the world, with combined annual system-wide sales of approximately $1.4 billion. On a normalized basis, FAT Brands should generate about $100 million of annual revenue and $60 million of EBITDA.

    Who Is Global Franchise Group? Previously owned by Serruya Private Equity and Lion Capital, GFG is a strategic brand management company operating more than 1,400 locations across five quick service restaurant concepts in 16 countries.  The concepts are Round Table Pizza, Great American Cookies, Hot Dog on a Stick, Marble Slab Creamery, and Pretzelmaker ...

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