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Flotek Industries (FTK) - Second Quarter Results - Initial Thoughts

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Flotek Industries (FTK)
Second Quarter Results - Initial Thoughts

Flotek Industries, Inc. creates solutions to reduce the environmental impact of energy on air, water, land and people. Flotek Industries, Inc. is a technology-driven, specialty chemistry and data company that helps customers across industrial, commercial and consumer markets improve their Environmental, Social and Governance performance. Flotek’s Chemistry Technologies segment develops, manufactures, packages, distributes, delivers, and markets high-quality cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing products for commercial, governmental and personal consumer use. Additionally, Flotek empowers the energy industry to maximize the value of their hydrocarbon streams and improve return on invested capital through its real-time data platforms and green chemistry technologies. Flotek serves downstream, midstream and upstream customers, both domestic and international. Flotek is a publicly traded company headquartered in Houston, Texas, and its common shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "FTK." For additional information, please visit Flotek's web site at

Michael Heim, Senior Research Analyst, Noble Capital Markets, Inc.

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    Revenues were disappointing. Flotek reported revenues of $9.2 million below 2021-1Q revenues of $11.8 million and our forecast of $12.6 million due to the loss of two significant customers. The loss offset a 26% sequential increase in energy chemical tech customers and 58% increase in service customers.

    Management offset lower revenues with lower costs.  Operating costs (excl. DDA) were $12.1 million down from 2021-1Q costs of $13.8 million and our estimate of $14.8 million. SG&A costs were $2.9 million versus $4.4 million in the previous quarter, which was also our estimate. By lowering costs, the company was able to report adjusted EBITDA of ($6.7) million roughly in line with previous quarters ...

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