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New Waitlist for Reddit Talk - Have you Added Yourself?


New Waitlist for Reddit Talk - Have you Added Yourself?


Reddit has decided to broaden its services to include audio conversations - à la Clubhouse. Today, the social media platform announced that they are in the testing phase of what is starting to be a trend in social media.

You can get in on the early tests (we are).  So if you aren’t following u/channelchek, get that done now!

To be on the waitlist Reddit asks you to answer a few questions; they’ll let you know when Reddit Talk will be available. Only moderators can start talks during early tests, but any Redditor on iOS and Android can listen in.  They’ll then roll out the full version from there.


Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media app for iOS that facilitates auditory communication through rooms that can accommodate groups of up to 5,000 people. The audio-only app hosts virtual rooms for live discussions, with opportunities for individuals to participate through speaking and listening.



You’ll be able to listen and can interact with discussions by reacting with emojis. If you have something you want to contribute to the conversation, you raise a virtual hand, and a host could invite you to talk.

How’s Your Karma?

Hosts will be able to see how much karma each user who raises a hand has. So that may be something to work on. They say they plan to give the feature “the best moderation experience possible."  And as another differentiator to the popular Clubhouse, which has people using their real identities and photos, Reddit Talk users will be able to use pseudonyms and avatars.

See you online!


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