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Ocugen (OCGN) - Initiating Coverage Based on Covaxin and Novel Gene Therapy Platform

Monday, July 26, 2021

Ocugen (OCGN)
Initiating Coverage Based on Covaxin and Novel Gene Therapy Platform

Ocugen Inc is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. It is focused on discovering, developing and commercializing a pipeline of innovative therapies that address rare and underserved eye diseases. Ocugen offers a diversified ophthalmology portfolio that includes novel gene therapies, biologics, and small molecules and targets a broad range of high-need retinal and ocular surface diseases.

Robert LeBoyer, Senior Research Analyst, Noble Capital Markets, Inc.

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    Ocugen is developing products from two technology platforms.  The company has in-licensed Covaxin, a whole-virion vaccine for COVID-19 that has advantages over the the current vaccines in use today. Its gene therapy programs are based on delivering "master control" genes that regulate other genes that function in downstream pathways of disease.

    Covaxin Has Advantages Over Current Vaccines Covaxin uses a whole-virus technology that stimulates immunity to many regions of the virus.  Its clinical trials included over 25,800 patients in Phase 3, with data for patients from ages 12 to 91. The clinical trial data shown efficacy against several new variant strains, included the Delta strain that associated with recent breakthrough cases ...

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