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Townsquare Media Inc (TSQ) - A Digital Media Company At A Steep Discount

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Townsquare Media Inc (TSQ)
A Digital Media Company At A Steep Discount

Townsquare Media Inc is an entertainment and media company offering digital marketing solutions in the United States and Canada. It owns and operates radio stations, social media properties focusing the small and mid-cap companies. Services offered to the clients include live events, local advertising, digital advertising, e-commerce offerings, few others. The segments through which the company operates its businesses are classified into Local marketing solutions and Entertainment segments. Revenues are generated from commercials through broadcasts and sale of internet based advertisements.

Michael Kupinski, Director of Research, Noble Capital Markets, Inc.

Refer to the full report for the price target, fundamental analysis, and rating.

    Highlights from a recent management interview. This report highlights a recent interview with Bill Wilson, the CEO of Townsquare Media. The video of the interview can be viewed here. Some of the key highlights of the video include: the CEO’s background and experience which prepared him for this role, in a rapidly changing business; a digital transformation, the path, and key milestones in the near and medium term in order to boost those new verticals in Townsquare; and, as well, a unique touch on management’s view on their future opportunities to expand operations.

    Management with a unique ability.  Bill Wilson already had the vision to transform the radio business over a decade ago when he joined Townsquare, before even taking over as CEO. The management team had worked together in the past, and worked to step up their differentiation from a traditional radio company by organically innovating in all their verticals ...

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